Meditation Explained

The Myths

Meditation is learning to shut off the continuous stream of thoughts in your mind. When you are meditating you are not just relaxing but focusing on something other than your thoughts. It is easy to learn, but hard to master.

You can increase your ability to quiet your mind with practice. It's in these meditative moments you find clarity and connect with your inner voice.


What is True about Meditation?

You must sit in lotus position.

Anyone can practice meditation.

You must achieve a blank mind.

Daydreaming is meditation.

What is True about Meditation?

Meditation requires focus.

Positive thinking is required to meditate.

Meditation happens when you relax.

You must be religious to meditate.

What is True about Meditation?

People who meditate don't get upset.

Meditation is intense concentration.

Meditation is a way to escape.

Regular meditation can motive you.

What is True about Meditation?

You need Candles & Incense.

It's easy to learn but hard to master.

Meditation can make you less intelligent.

Occasional meditation is good enough.

What is True about Meditation?

You will become a different person.

Meditation can fix all your problems.

There are different types of meditation.

Meditation takes too much time.

Meditation is a method of training our mind to become clearer, calmer and peaceful. When our mind is calmer, we free ourselves from future worries and mental distress allowing true happiness to emerge. You begin to live in the present moment instead of in the future and the past. Life becomes more satisfying because you begin to appreciate life on a daily basis.