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Meditation is an attempt to sit in silence, clear your head, stop thinking and be in the present moment. It is a discipline that needs to be practiced on a regular basis to feel significant benefits. Your ability to sit longer will improve with time and you will notice increased clarity, focus and other benefits.
Are you depressed, unfocused, have health problems, feeling disconnected or interested in the benefits of meditation?

Life's Roadblocks

Meditation Benefits

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest itself by persistent anxious thoughts and fears. You might not be able to sleep or wake up early without feeling rested. Anxiety can leave you frozen, unable to make decisions and move your life forward.
Future Worries

Decreases Future Anxieties


Increases Anger Control

Obessive Thinking

Reduces Neurotic Obsessing


Restlessness & Agitation

Ends Depression

When you are depressed you feel hopeless, sad, and often lose interest in regular activities. The feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness can overwhelm you. There can be weight changes and even physical aches and pains.
Living in the Past



Reduces Sadness & Gloom

Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking


Daily Satisfaction

Improves Health

Many people have bad habits which can effect how they take care of themseves. Besides making better choices, meditation can help manage anxiety which can help lower blood pressure and help control other medical conditions.
Heart Problems

Blood Pressure

Health Habits


Possitive Thinking

Immune System


Improves Health & Wellbeing

Calms Agitation

Meditation can help with hyperactivity and focus which can improve the lives of people who have ADHD. Meditation is a skill that must be learned and can have a calming effect on disruptive behavior. ADHD is a difficult affliction and has many varients.

Worry & Nervousness

Obessive Thinking

Decreases Obsessive Thinking

Mental Clarity

Clarity & Focus

Future Anxiety

Future Worries

Meditation Explained

The Myths

Meditation is learning to shut off the continuous stream of thoughts in your mind. When you are meditating you are not just relaxing but focusing on something other than your thoughts. It is easy to learn, but hard to master.

You can increase your ability to quiet your mind with practice. It's in these meditative moments you find clarity and connect with your inner voice.


What is True about Meditation?

You must sit in lotus position.

Anyone can practice meditation.

You must achieve a blank mind.

Daydreaming is meditation.

What is True about Meditation?

Meditation requires focus.

Positive thinking is required to meditate.

Meditation happens when you relax.

You must be religious to meditate.

What is True about Meditation?

People who meditate don't get upset.

Meditation is intense concentration.

Meditation is a way to escape.

Regular meditation can motive you.

What is True about Meditation?

You need Candles & Incense.

It's easy to learn but hard to master.

Meditation can make you less intelligent.

Occasional meditation is good enough.

What is True about Meditation?

You will become a different person.

Meditation can fix all your problems.

There are different types of meditation.

Meditation takes too much time.

Meditation is a method of training our mind to become clearer, calmer and peaceful. When our mind is calmer, we free ourselves from future worries and mental distress allowing true happiness to emerge. You begin to live in the present moment instead of in the future and the past. Life becomes more satisfying because you begin to appreciate life on a daily basis.

The Commitment

Daily Practice

Meditation is like exercise and requires a commitment. Unlike exercise, you're giving your mind a break by quietly holding still.

You need to practice meditation on a regular basis for it to be effective. A daily practice is recommended, gradually working up to 15-20 minutes a day.

Can you commit to
a regular practice?

Life's Excuses

Barriers of Meditation

I Can't Sit Still

Many people are busy all the time and never stop. Sometimes they are generating a lot of action, but aren't getting very much accomplished. It's important to give your busy mind a break by sitting still.

Start off Sitting for 5 minutes. Add more time when you don't feel bored or Excitability restless. The more you practice, the longer you'll be able to sit. Your attention span, Mental Clarity focus and daily satisfaction Happiness will improve with time.

I Don't Have Time

If you pay attention to how your are using your time, it might not be very efficient. Maybe you are multi-tasking and are destracted by other things that aren't important. Maybe you can use that extra time to meditate.

Don't Future Anxiety assume you won't have time, you can find 5 or 15 minutes a day. Regular meditation can Positive Thinking increase productivity by creating space in your mind, reducing waste full Obessive Thinking obsessive thinking and Excitability anxiety.

I Think Too Much

Maybe you believe my mind is more active than most people, but perhaps these thoughts are a way to escape living life to the fullest. Staying stuck in your thoughts can be crippling, and can result in anxiety and depression.

Everybody has a stream of Obessive Thinking thoughts in their mind. Meditation can reduce the mind clutter, Future Anxiety future worries and Past Regrets past regrets. Without meditation these can lead to Excitabilityanxiety and Depression depression.

I won't Be Good At It

You have to start a meditation practice somewhere, perhaps today is a good time to start. You don't have to be good at meditation, you just have to practice. Take a few minutes to feel the quiet.

Meditation is about quieting your mind and managing your Mental Clarity thoughts, not about how skilled you are. Gaining control over your obsessive Obessive Thinking thoughts can improve your Heart Problems healthDaily Satisfaction and increase your daily happiness.

The Practice

A Short Meditation

  1. Set a timer for 5-20 minutes
  2. Find a quiet place to sit
  3. Unplug, turn off all electronics
  4. Sit up straight
  5. Put you hands on your thighs
  6. Eyes closed or looking slightly down
  7. Follow your breath, breathing in and breathing out. When a thought arises notice it, try not to engage, let it go and continue following your breath.
You can also listen a short meditation.